10 thoughts on “Graduated!

  1. Does this mean we may get to see more of you guys now :) ? Or is there a PHD in the future :)

    Congratulations Ms. Peters!!!!!!!!!

  2. Congrats!! And I was looking at the picture of you and your parents how long has your mom had athat green pin on her shirt? I think I remember wearing that when er were little.. :)

  3. Congrats Rachel… way to go ! Very hard work getting that degree and working full time, I know.

    You’re probably wondering how I found you, well, I found your tech blog while researching some tech writer stuff for work (nice work there too) and saw this link on one of your Tweets.

    Alicia Krebs

  4. Well, much longer than I would like. If GSU offered online courses, I could have knocked it out long ago. : ) Currently, though, I am concentrating on looking for a job.

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