Good music, lazy cat, and a scrapbook

We’ve been busy the past few weeks! Last week we headed downtown to The Tabernacle to see one of my favorite bands Flogging Molly. It was a great show. They always balance their shows with music you know and some new stuff (which half the time you already know too). We sat in the balcony, and while I missed dancing like a crazy woman on the floor, I did NOT miss other people’s sweat and beer flying on me. I guess I’ll chalk this experience up to another milestone crossed – sitting in the balcony at a punk show AND prefering it.

Flogging Molly at The Tabernacle | Atlanta | 2009

Back at home, Amelia has found a new favorite spot to chill out. Since Roger cleaned up the office, the kitty has decided she needs to be in that room all the time. She poked around in there before the great cleanup, but now she has room to frolic if she chooses. However, she chooses to be lazy. I can’t really blame her.

Amelia in her favorite spot | Marietta | 2009Amelia sitting pretty | Marietta | 2009

To balance her time in Roger’s office, Amelia also tries to infiltrate the guest bedroom. Normally this is not a problem, but I’ve had the room covered in scrapbook materials for two weeks while I worked on my wedding album. And it’s finally finished! I’m still keeping the room off limits to Amelia though – just because I can.

Wedding scrapbook | 2009

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