Golfing for Ecuador

This weekend Roger and I worked at a golf tournament hosted by my parents’ church, Wilmer United Methodist. The tournament was organized to raise money for the Ecuador mission team, of which Roger, my mom, and I are all a part. My dad organized the event, and the team gathered sponsors and teams. We worked for about 2 months sweet talking restaurant owners, store workers, friends, and family into sponsoring. We set a goal to get 50 sponsors, and we ended up with 46 – not too shabby!

Checking teams into the tournamentPicture display of past Ecuador tripsGetting organizedMom and I at the church before heading to the tournament

But then the weather struck. Friday night and early Saturday morning it stormed! The wind blew, thunder rolled, and lightning lit up the sky like a fireworks show. You may not know much about golf, but golfers tend to stay in if there’s lightning – seeing how golf clubs are essentially mini lightning rods you hold in your hand.

But all across Wilmer 20 Ecuador team members and their loved ones were praying the storm away. And at the 10:00 am start time for the tournament, the storm left. Then to spice it up, the sun showed up. We took it as a sign that God wanted some golf to be played!

Roger and I signed up to set up the sponsor signs, so we grabbed a golf cart and headed out to the back 9. It was nice driving around and setting up the signs, because no players had made it to the back of the course yet. It was actually kind of peaceful. We even saw a baby turtle sunning at a tee box – so cute!

Standing with the sign Uncle Charlie sponsoredBaby turtle sunning on the tee boxRoger driving the golf cart

When we got back to the club house, golf teams were already signing in. We hung out at the first tee to see the teams get started and then greeted them again when they rounded the corner to hit the back 9. Everyone had a great time, and the weather stayed beautiful the entire day. The tournament was a success!

Hanging out taking a breakCheering the teams onlunch time!

More pictures from the golf tournament.

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