Meow, meow, meow, um, meow

For Mother’s Day, Roger and I headed to his mom’s house to hang out with the family. His sister Chanell and her family came in from South and North Carolina to surprise Miss Gloria. While we were sitting outside, an adorable gray kitten walked up. She wandered around everyone, meowing constantly and nuzzling everyone.

Roger (with some encouragement from his sisters) wanted to take her home. My logical side said no way! We don’t need another cat or a huge vet bill for shots and spaying. But a few hours later when we got ready to leave, there she was – sitting on the front porch waiting for us.

So I gave in.

But who could resist this face? Meet Clara . . .

According to the vet she’s about 7 months old. We’re keeping her in the guest bathroom for now while she heals from being spayed. Next Saturday her stitches come out and we’ll introduce her to Amelia.

To make the transition more smooth, we’ve brought her out in the cat carrier so she can see Amelia. It’s basically a hiss fest every time they see each other, but we’re hopeful they’ll settle down like proper ladies. I guess we’ll see next weekend!

One thought on “Meow, meow, meow, um, meow

  1. She is way too cute. I love the way she talks back to Roger. I can’t wait to meet her and to see Amelia.

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