Hola from the middle of the world!

The team at the real Equator

We made it to Ecuador! I don’t have a lot of time to write, so here are a few highlights. We landed safely last night around midnight. Earlier today I saw the airport and runway, and now I’m really happy we landed at night. Small runway, huge plane, and surrounding volcanoes – sounds like a good action movie.

Today was for exploring before our work begins tomorrow. We traveled to the Equator . . . twice. The first time we went to the actual location, where we performed some nifty science tricks. Water drains straight down – oddest thing I’ve ever seen. Roger has a movie of it and I’ll post it later.

Roger, Mom, and me at latitude 0

Next we went to the “Middle of the World” where the French originally thought the Equator ran. Hey, they were only off by about 200 feet, so that’s not too bad! There’s a beautiful monument at the park and shops surround it.

Roger and Rachel at Middle of the World

Middle of the World is a really neat tourist spot. There’s a lookout on top of the monument, and we could see for miles.

Mom and me at Middle of the World | Top of the monument

After lunch we went to church at Mama Yolis. The construction teams last year helped build classrooms for Mama Yolis, and we got to see the finished rooms today. Church was done in Spanish with an English translator. That was definitely a different experience, but I enjoyed it very much.

Tomorrow we start the real work – construction and VBS. But for now, I’m off to dinner. We miss everyone!

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