First day of work complete!

It’s the end of the first work day, and we survived! The construction team is working to dig several holes that will act as footing for a new building. The holes are 8 feet deep and about 7 feet wide. They finished the largest hole today and got a few others started. Here are a few pics from the work site:

Travis and ChrisConstruction teamMom hauling a bucket of dirt

The construction team is in south Quito, and the VBS team is in north Quito at a daycare. I don’t have a lot of pictures from VBS, but I promise Karen has taken tons of beautiful photos. We had about 40 kids this morning and 40 after lunch, all between 6-11 years old. We also had the help of two translators – Pamela and Margarita.

The kids listened to the story of Elijah and watched a skit. OK, the skit was not great the first time we did it, but by the afternoon we were getting much better at it. We also sang a bunch of songs (the kids love to sing!) and worked on crafts.

After lunch we had an hour of free time (thanks to Pamela and Margarita offering to prepare one of the crafts for next time), so we explored some of the area around the daycare. Our guide Adriana took us shopping and took us to the school where the kids went. The kids were so excited to see us. We had a great time being with them and taking pictures.

Pamela and MargaritaTaylor, Kristen, Adriana (our guide), and NicoleThe school where the VBS kids go

After work we headed to the market, ate dinner, and had our devotion. We ended the night looking at pictures Roger and Karen took. I know everyone is tired, but I also know we all had a great day. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

There are so many stories. This blog posting is less than even the Cliffs Notes version. Just know that God is working here – even through those of us who only know a few Spanish words.

5 thoughts on “First day of work complete!

  1. We applaud all that this team is doing for the glory of God’s work.

    Thank you all.

    Our excitement will continue.

  2. Sounds like your trip is good for the kids and also good for your soul. It is better to give then to receive :)

  3. Thanks for the updates. The pictures are great. I miss not being there and seeing the children. Give them a hug for me. I know God is working among you, I can feel it.


  4. I am so thankful that all of you get a chance to be blessed and to give to others. Love you all


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