Our new laundry room

Don’t you hate those home renovation shows that make you sit through an hour of home owners arguing and bickering as they work through a project before you ever see the final result? Me too, so let me start with the “after” picture:

The laundry room after

New cabinets and a new paint color add up to a prettier and more useful laundry room.

Roger did most of the work, although I did help bring the ridiculously heavy counter top upstairs…TWICE.  We had to cut the counter to size (go go new circular saw!), which wasn’t a big deal. The huge warp in our front wall, however, was a little challenging to hide.

I’ve had a crazy urge to paint lately, and this project satisfied that craving. Roger and I painted the walls Friday night, and I painted all of the trim Saturday. Then we both painted the mailbox and stair rails outside Saturday morning. It was a beautiful day and we were on a roll, so why not?

Read the rest of the post to see before pictures and how the kitties helped on the project.


This open space seemed perfect for cabinets and a counter.

Laundry room before

The shelf was home to way too many things, including an iron I haven’t used since we moved in. Definitely time to add more storage!

Laundry room before

The process…

Roger did a great job installing the cabinets. I was really impressed. I would have never tackled a project like this on my own, but it was extra fun working on it with him.

Roger finishing up the cabinets

Amelia made sure we were doing it right.

Amelia helping

Clara suggested an alternative use for the drawers.

Clara helping

This is the short version of the story though, the TLC episode if you will. Check out our photo site for more pictures of the process.

One thought on “Our new laundry room

  1. We have a huge project here……can ya’ll come help??

    This looks awesome. Good job!!!

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