Diet of a pregnant woman

In case you were wondering, Snack Packs are still pretty awesome. And why do I know this? Because I’m pregnant.

Since I’ve started working at Home Depot, I’ve been bringing my lunch more often. It’s easier than trying to get out of the building - ride the elevator 14 floors, walk to the parking garage, climb two flights of stairs, wait in a line of cars to exit the garage (and repeat) – and it’s a lot healthier and cheaper. It’s also a great way to keep a stash of snacks handy for my new pregger diet.

Pre pregnancy, I ate like normal people – 3 meals a day and maybe a snack after dinner. OK, usually a snack after dinner. Now I eat more like 6 times a day! At first, it was to keep nausea at bay. Hunger is your worst enemy when you’re feeling sick already. Now I eat more often because I’m hungry more often. If I eat 6 meals though, I’ll have the pregnant look long after William is born!

So instead, I eat mini meals all day long. And that means coming up with good snacks and rediscovering some old favorites. I’ve heard that you’ll gravitate towards foods the baby likes, and so far William likes comfort foods from my childhood days – spaghetti Os, Snack Packs, and white cheddar Cheez-Its (so good they’re possibly God’s choice in crackers). But like a good mama, I also work in fruits, veggies, and whole wheat when I can. Honey Nut Cheerios is a great way to get some calcium and wheat (ooh pregger tip!).

And that’s another new thing. My pre-pregnancy 90 calorie breakfast bar no longer cuts it. If I eat one at home, I’m starving by the time I get to work 30 minutes later. So now I eat an actual bowl of cereal every morning. I haven’t done that since high school! I stick to Cheerios mostly, but Fruity Pebbles makes an occasional appearance too.

The number one thing I stick to? Water.

And more water.

With a side of water.

What’s the quickest way to pass out? Just don’t drink enough water. And I hate drinking water. I’m just not naturally thirsty all the time. I rarely drank anything before. Now I force myself to drink at least 64 ounces a day. It’s a small price to pay to ensure I don’t faint. Nothing like fainting to make a girl feel . . . well, wimpy.

But with all the new food requirements comes a few aversions too. Don’t come near me with watermelon or salad. These foods are the enemy. My stomach smells them or sees them and promptly attacks me. I’m getting better about salad actually, but watermelon is still on the black list.

I wonder if William will like watermelon. For now, I’ll blame him for the aversion.

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