24 Weeks: Your baby’s an eggplant

Houston we have a belly.

According to What To Expect, William is the size of an eggplant and my uterus is the size of a soccer ball. So I’ve been doing some shopping lately…

Open Letters to My Favorite Clothing Stores

Dear Gap,

I should have started my maternity work wear search with you. I’m sorry for doubting you for even a minute. Your black pants, though pricy, are the best thing I’ve bought for tackling meetings without feeling like my clothes shout, “Hey I’m pregnant!” Your casual clothes are cute too, and thank goodness for your sale rack. Because of you, I’ll look great at my friend’s wedding and I only spent $17 on the dress. Love, Rachel

Dear Old Navy,

You disappoint me.  Your prices are just right, and I love your casual clothes, but you are severely lacking on the work wear unless I want to shop online. Attention Рwomen are pregnant only a few times in our lives and we have no idea what size our bellies will be. We need to try stuff on. Period. Please carry more stuff in your physical stores. Love, Rachel

Dear Target,

You are not one of my go-to places for clothes, but you have pleasantly surprised me. Your selection of non-dumpy maternity wear is outstanding! I should have bought stock in your company before making my purchase, because I think I spent enough to now own the West Cobb store. Love, Rachel

Dear Ann Taylor,

I find it wildly exciting that you carry maternity wear, but my fear that your pregger pants will¬†cost $100 prevents me from gracing your doors. I’ll visit again once I’m back to my normal size. See you in 2011. Love, Rachel

Dear Banana Republic,

[crickets...] Hello? I need you please. Love, Rachel

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