1 down, 2 to go…

This week our niece Megan had her baby, so on our way to Hilton Head we detoured through Rock Hill to see her and baby Isaiah. He’s beautiful!

Isaiah sleeping like a little angel.

This makes the first of three babies scheduled to enter our family this year. Our other niece Lauren (the Marine) is having a girl in December, and we follow up with another boy in January. Oh, and just to add to the fun, Roger’s sister LaNell is getting married in October. What a happy year for our growing family!

But back to the cuteness at hand…

Big yawn!

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We’re having a baby!

Meet the latest addition to our family – William Friend! He’ll be arriving January 20 (or near there). He’s 22 weeks along now, and according to the What to Expect iPhone app, he’s the size of a spaghetti squash (which is way cuter than the turnip¬†it compared him to a few weeks ago).

Ultrasound of William at 18 weeks

So far, pregnancy has been going really well. I had some nausea during the first trimester, but thankfully it passed after several weeks. I feel great most of the time now.

I recently signed up for a prenatal yoga class and am loving it. I’ve never taken yoga before, so I was a little nervous about the first class. But the instructor is great and the class is full of both newbies like me and veterans.

Roger and I set up our baby registry last weekend. I never knew there were so many kinds of baby wipes. It was great having Roger with me, because I know without him I would have been so overwhelmed! Fortunately, we visited the store ahead of time to get an idea on prices for some of the larger items – strollers, high chairs, and such. We’ve been shopping consignment sales for gear, and we managed to find an awesome stroller (among other items).

We’ve also been figuring out how to decorate the nursery. This part is really fun. The internet is full of neat stuff for a baby’s room. Check out the crib set we¬†bought. It was delivered to the house yesterday.

This is the crib set we got for William.

Several people have asked me to post belly pictures. Roger has been taking photos of me each week, but for the most part I look like a smiling idiot who thinks showing her belly is hilarious. This is starting to change now that my belly is growing more, but there’s still not much to see. Here’s the latest photo, from 21 weeks:

21 weeks

More baby updates to come!