Christmas kitty dreams

Amelia often sits near the tree, gazing at the presents. She’s either contemplating the end of another year, or she’s plotting her attack to take down the tree long enough to distract Roger and me while she tears through the wrapping paper and ribbon. Either way, she looks sweet and innocent.

Plant Watch: Day 1

Heather and I got mini Christmas plants at the STC holiday party. I picked up a Christmas tree and she got a “carpet of snow” (white flowers). She had already picked up a tree before the party as well. We’ve decided to grow them at the office. We don’t sit near windows, so we’re hoping the fluorescent lights will suffice as sunlight.

Day 1: Pour water into the “Successful Soil” pellet. Then sow the seeds.

Done. I expect a tiny spruce tree and some snow flurries tomorrow afternoon.